Are there any fees with the MoneyLion Checking account?

Please note that all MoneyLion Checking accounts will be closed on September 1, and deposits and replacement cards will no longer be supported after July 31. You can learn about RoarMoney, our upgraded banking product that is replacing MoneyLion Checking, here.

There are NO overdraft, NO minimum balance, and NO hidden bank fees associated with your MoneyLion checking account! And if you set up direct deposit, you'll also get 0% APR cash advances! What's more, your MoneyLion managed investment account also has no trading or management fees.

You have access to 55,000 free Allpoint ATMs (that's more than Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo combined). If you use an ATM outside of the Allpoint network, you will incur an ATM fee of $2.50 + whatever the out-of-network ATM/financial institution charges (typically $2 - $5). It should also be pointed out that there is also a minor foreign transaction fee of 0.8% for using your card abroad.

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