Why do I see other companies associated with my MoneyLion Checking?

Please note that we will no longer be shipping new replacement cards after July 31, 2020 as part of MoneyLion’s upgrade to the RoarMoney product. Your MoneyLion Checking account will automatically be closed on September 1. For more information and to learn how to upgrade to RoarMoney, click here.

Great question! We've partnered with a trusted Member FDIC bank and other industry leaders to bring you America's most powerful financial membership, so you may see other company names associated with your MoneyLion bank account. Below is an overview of the other companies you may see on statements, in emails, or elsewhere associated with your account. There may be times when you interact with these partner companies directly as well. We're always here for you if you ever have any questions.

Lincoln Savings Bank (LSB) - Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC, is our issuing bank partner. All funds associated with your checking account are housed securely with LSB. It hosts your account, while MoneyLion manages the day-to-day needs and support of your account.

SHAZAM - SHAZAM is the card processor associated with LSB. It processes all transactions on your card and helps monitor your account for fraud or other suspicious activity to keep your money safe.

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