Can I access my credit reserve account funds early?

The only way to access the funds in your Credit Reserve Account early, is to use them to pay off your loan in full (which means the amount disbursed upfront as well as the amount in the credit reserve account plus any interest incurred). You will only have the option to pay your loan in full using your credit reserve account if the amount in the reserve account exceeds the outstanding balance on your loan. 

However, in order to get the maximum credit building benefit from the program, we strongly recommend that you make on-time payments throughout the 12-month life of the loan. Good payment history is a major contributor to your credit score!

If you want to use your Credit Reserve Account to pay your Credit Builder Plus loan in full, click on the Loans tab of the MoneyLion app and then click on your active Loan to see your Pay In Full options. Learn more here.

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