Can I cancel my membership at any time?

You can cancel your MoneyLion membership at any time with no fees as long as your Credit Builder Plus loan and any outstanding Instacash balances have been paid off first. Remember, if you cancel your access to features like 0% APR cash advances, low APR credit builder loans, and Lion’s Share payouts, you’ll have to reapply to unlock them again if (and when) you change your mind. Sure you don’t want to stick with it and keep improving your finances? 

In order to cancel, simply:

1. Click on your profile picture (top left of any screen)

2. Tap “Membership”

3. Tap “Manage My Membership”


Need to pay off a loan first? Please head over to the Loans tab of the MoneyLion app. Once your loan payments have settled, then you can proceed with the cancellation.

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