What is the Lion’s Share Loyalty Program?

With the Lion’s Share Loyalty Program, the more you use your membership, the more you can get back. To be eligible, you must have a RoarMoney account, a MoneyLion Investment account and be a Credit Builder Plus Member. 

The program has five tiers — Mint, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Your program tier is determined at the end of each month based on:

  • How many days you have logged into the app that month 
  • How many eligible purchases of $10+ you made that month with your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard and/or RoarMoney virtual card



Purchases of $10 or more per calendar month

Days of MoneyLion app logins per calendar month

Expected Lion's Share payout


20+ purchases

logins every day



10-19 purchases

25+ days of logins



5-9 purchases

15-24 days of logins



1-4 purchases

5-14 days of logins



0 purchases

1-4 days of logins



You must meet both requirements — days of logins AND number of MoneyLion Debit Mastercard transactions — to qualify for any given tier. So, let’s say the number of purchases you have made satisfied the requirement for Platinum, but the number of days you logged in falls within the Bronze range, you would qualify for Bronze that month.

Platinum members will always get a $19.99/month Lion’s Share payout. Payouts for the tiers below Platinum will vary each month, and we’ll announce the projected payout amounts in the app and by email at the start of each month, so members can know what they’re aiming for.

As an example, here are the July 2020 Lion Share’s payouts by tier:

  • PLATINUM: $19.99
  • GOLD: $12
  • SILVER: $5
  • BRONZE: $3

Lion’s Share payouts will generally be deposited into your MoneyLion Investment Account within five business days of month-end.

Your Credit Builder Plus membership and loan payments must be in good standing at the end of the month for you to receive a payout. MoneyLion Debit Mastercard and virtual card purchases must be $10 or higher and posted by month-end (not simply pending or authorized) to count toward your total transactions for the month. Any transactions not posted within the month will count toward your next month’s Lion’s Share.

At the end of each month, we’ll assess all membership activity across our business and determine the total pool of Lion’s Share money available to be shared with Credit Builder Plus members. After we give $19.99 to each member who qualified as Platinum based on their logins and purchases that month, we’ll calculate the exact amount to be awarded to each of the lower tiers based on what’s left in the pool.

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